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Communicating with Millennials

If you’re working with millennials, you may notice that you’re having some communication issues. It’s very

Who are the Millennials?
Technically speaking, the generation of millennials is the group of people who are becoming (or became) young adults at the rise of the 21st century. There’s no specific date attached to this generation, but typically the oldest millennial will not have been born before 1985.

What Makes Millennials Different?
Most millennials never experienced life before the Internet, cell phones, and most of the technology we enjoy today. Many of them didn’t have a landline in their childhood home. They may prefer to text or email for quick communication as they see it as more efficient.

How to Better Communicate with Millennials
First, realize that insulting a young person about their age or the issues you have with their generation is not a good way to begin communicating. Remember the rude things that were said about your generation when you were young. Instead of implying that a young person is entitled or unable to do something, choose to remember that the fact that they are young, doesn’t make them bad–it just means they’re inexperienced.

Tell them what you need: Don’t think that just because you’ve heard one thing about people in this generation that they’re all the same! If you need for them to do something that they’re not used to doing, just tell them what you need. Do you need them to check their email three times a day? Tell them and they’ll gladly do what you need.

Ask them what they need: As previously mentioned, millennials are fluent in text. This doesn’t mean they can’t talk, but it might be useful to see if certain reminders, meetings, or other action items could be completed over email or in a program like Slack. Millennials are not incapable of having a meaningful, productive conversation at work, or in life. Ask them about their personal communication style! You may find that it’s much easier to communicate with them than you think! It really is as simple as talking about how you communicate best with each other.

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