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Tips for Holding a Productive Meeting

The way in which you lead a meeting speaks volumes to those who you lead. If you’re disorganized and flustered, the meeting will be unproductive and, worst case, it will communicate that you do not care enough about the topic or people to spend the time it takes to have a positive meeting.

However, if you follow these steps, you’ll find that people respond positively to the level of care and attention that you give your meetings, and the people in them.

Start Off on the Right Foot

Before your meeting begins, consider leading a prayer, reading a Bible verse or quote to help center and focus your team and yourself.

Create an Agenda

Before the meeting, sit down and type out the items to be discussed. Attendees like having an agenda because it helps them focus. Even better, print it out and provide pens so that attendees can take notes during the meeting. Keep what you write short and to the point, preferably with bullet points. The hidden bonus of the written agenda is that it will help you keep on track as well.

Put Away Your Phone and Ask Others to Do The Same

We all know that technology can be an incredible distraction. Depending on whether or not this is an issue with your team, ask them, before the meeting starts, to put their phones on silent and to only have them out or respond to something if they get a call that may be an emergency (like from a babysitter or doctor).

Keep it Short

It has been scientifically proven that people remember more and are more engaged in meetings that are shorter. Nobody likes going to a meeting that could have been an email or just drags on and on. Be aware of the time you’re taking from your team when they could be completing other tasks.

Give Everyone a Chance to Talk

This might be a bullet in you agenda, but allow everyone in the room to speak at some point to help them feel engaged.

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